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Correct operation of PVC-U pipe fittings
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2767

Due to the PVC drainage pipe installation need glue, installation personnel of technology do not understand the requirements and lead to appear interface gelatinize is not enough, the leakage of coating or flowing serious, pipes and improper location problem.

Correct construction process is: fracture of pipe to flush, with bur or scraper to remove fracture and the Flying Spur, prior to bonding with socket insert test, not all insert, generally socket 3 / 4 of the depth, and marking. After passing the test plug, with cotton yarn will be bearing water, dust wipe clean around the socket. Adhesive coated with brush, first coated with socket, besmear after Jack should be axial brushing, must act quickly, evenly, the amount of adhesive is suitable for not leak painting, or flow. After the completion of the glue, then identify the direction of the tube gently insert the socket, to straight after extrusion, tube end insertion depth should be more than mark, and to ensure that the interface of verticality, then standing for 2 to 3 minutes. In the process of the interface, it can do a little bit of rotation, and the distribution of the adhesive is uniform, but not more than 1/4, and can not be inserted in the end to rotate. Sticky mouth, immediately after the end of cotton silk will overflow adhesive wipe clean, can not wipe the buried pipe. Winter construction, the ambient temperature shall not be lower than -100C, when the ambient temperature is below -100Cshould take cold freezing measures, construction sites should be to maintain the patency of air, not closed.

Pipes should pay attention to such points: in vertical pipe and a cross pipe joints should be installed oblique three-way or skew four-way, households transverse pipe and the vertical pipe with two 45 degree elbow connection or a 45 degree elbow and a 45 DEG tee junction, which can reduce chance of blockage of the pipe and reduce connected to form a water jet flow, drainage system pressure fluctuation is small, sanitary ware of the seal is not easy to be damaged, toxic and harmful gas drainage pipeline is hard to invade the indoor.

Part of the pipeline wear floor not around the pipeline resistance hydrosphere, also not pre buried sleeve, part of toilet hole filling water is not well, resulting in floor is leaking, the pipeline through the floor, some of the construction personnel is convenient, construction formwork, only scraps of paper, debris and other impurities of occlusion with cement mortar filling holes, coupled with rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe for the appearance of smooth, and concrete bonding is not very strong, so it is very easy to cause serious floor seepage phenomenon, affected households in the normal use. The correct approach is: after the installation of the pipeline, the hole should be the construction of the civil service and the work of the water. On the one hand to ensure the verticality and vertical plane position of the tube pipe, on the other hand, can improve the quality of hole wall. Plugging hole, the first requirement is at the bottom of the cave mold hanging close to the floor at the end, at the same time plugging hole after the concrete upper is slightly lower than the floor surface, avoid pipeline around a "concrete drum package, such, as well as the tick chisel" bulge "injure pipeline. Plug hole material selection and the concrete with the same grade of the stone concrete, with the appropriate amount of water proofing agent and expansion agent, when the hole is required to use reinforced concrete vibrating compacting concrete. Decoration construction, in the pipeline around to do high 5cm, the horizontal size is greater than the diameter of the 5cm waterproof platform.

Part of the project due to the finished product protection measures ineffective, cause blockage or man-made damage. In particular, the dark installed pipeline, once the damage is closed, will give the future maintenance of great inconvenience, but also will increase the cost.

Therefore a link for each construction project, to do product protection, construction of reserved pipe to do reliable temporary plugging and are not free to open, to anti fall into sundry cause blockage. Prefabricated pipe should be neatly stacked, pad, pad or foot firmly, no pressure, no double stacked. You are not allowed to install a shelf or a hanger on the installation of a hanger or a hanger. In the construction of various types of work, it is strictly forbidden to directly impact the PVC drainage pipe with hard work apparatus. In the dark installed in the pipeline must be done before the inspection work, to make a hidden inspection records, found the problem in a timely manner.

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