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How to identify the PE, PVC and PPR pipes from the appearance
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2851
How to identify the PE pipe, PVC pipe and PPR pipe from the appearance of it, today to introduce. Could you please take time to look at and make your suggestion.
1, you can first from the point of view of the color which look: PVC pipe is usually white hard tube or a transparent hose, PPR pipe are basically grey hard pipe; PE pipe color can have many kinds of, but will feel than PVC, PPR slightly soft.
2, in addition to the above methods you can also the custody of the lateral wall of the mark to distinguish and regular products will indicate material, production manufacturers, specifications, production date information to spurt the code words.

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Addr:Yunling Economic Development Zone,Jingxian County,Xuancheng province city,Anhui province  Tel:18956205731    
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