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Specific classification of PVC pipes
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2514

PVC pipe is a large proportion of plastic pipe in the building materials market, in the decoration, rain and sewage works commonly used in pipe, PVC pipe is a big category, and PVC tube classification and those, here to do some introduction:

PVC drainage pipe, rigid PVC drainage pipe is PVC resin as the main raw material and add special additives, by extrusion or injection molding of plastic products, PVC drainage pipe are mainly classified as: drainage pipe, rain gutters, composite pipe, silencer pipe, the extensive use of plant, in real estate, municipal engineering and so on.

PVC-U water supply pipe is the full name of water supply with hard polyvinyl chloride pipe, is the PVC resin as the main raw material, adding special auxiliary agent, extrusion PVC pipe production. The pressure resistance performance of PVC-U to the water pipe is the main mechanical parameters, the mechanical equipment factor, also has the raw material and formula factor, but also the corresponding adjustment of the process. Such as extrusion screw and barrel clearance shoulds not be too big; feeding amount greater and greater compression ratio; design reasonable formula and corresponding reasonable process adjustment, plasticizing rate control in 60% - 70%.

Although the PVC-U water supply pipe itself is relatively rigid, low temperature and high pressure, the pressure of the 20 is more than 36MPa, which is the largest in the market, but the high temperature and pressure resistance is very poor, so it can only be used for cold water or hot water pipe system at 45 degrees Celsius.

In the purchase, you have to pay attention to, UPVC to the connection mode and the same as the drain pipe, the general use of adhesive. Macroscopic examination of first application appearance, size is selected by the user, such as circumferential wall thickness is uniform, thick wall is thick enough, can do more comparison should obtain a copy of the report on the detection of pipe, and health indicators of the test report

In addition to the PVC electrician casing, is used to wear a wire, PVC corrugated pipe is a large diameter of PVC drainage sewage pipes, mainly in the real estate area trunk drainage and municipal drainage sewage, etc.

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Addr:Yunling Economic Development Zone,Jingxian County,Xuancheng province city,Anhui province  Tel:18956205731    
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