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basic knowledge of electric CPVC
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2720
    CPVC power tube with vinyl chloride resin masterbatch with high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, insulation performance is good, no pollution, is not easy to aging, lightweight and convenient construction, product performance is better than the traditional asbestos cable row tube and common PVC pipes, traditional power cable protection sleeve ideal substitutes, is widely used in city power grid construction and transformation, urban transformation of the municipal engineering, civil aviation airport construction, engineering Park, residential construction, road and bridge construction of urban street lamp cable laying, and plays a role of guidance and protection. .

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Addr:Yunling Economic Development Zone,Jingxian County,Xuancheng province city,Anhui province  Tel:18956205731    
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