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CPVC power tube product characteristics Electric power pipe
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2444

1, material properties

CPVC power pipe with heat resistance, excellent insulation properties of PVC-C resin as the main material, CPVC products is currently recognized as a green product, its excellent physical and chemical properties are more and more attention by the industry.

CPVC power tube is hard and straight tube, the inner and outer wall is smooth and smooth, the color is orange red, the color is bright, striking.

2, heat resistance

CPVC power pipe is more common in the UPVC double wall corrugated pipe heat resistance temperature increased by 15, and can be maintained at 93 or above, and has enough strength.

3, insulation performance

CPVC power tube can withstand 30000 V above the high pressure.

4, compressive properties

CPVC power tube after material modification, product ring stiffness to reach 1Okpa, significantly higher than the relevant departments of the state for buried plastic pipe, the ring stiffness should be above 8kpa.

5, high impact strength

CPVC power tube can withstand 1kg weight under temperature is lower than 0 DEG C, 2m high impact, fully reflect the low temperature impact performance of the material is fully applicable to the environmental conditions of the construction requirements.

6, flame retardant properties

PVC and PVC-C materials have good flame retardant properties, can be out of the fire. Especially PVC-C material, because of its chlorine content was significantly higher than PVC, so the flame retardant and smoke density index is more obvious.

7, installation performance

CPVC power tube light weight, high strength, construction method of laying simple, implements the night excavation laying, backfilling road. During the day as usual opening; the elastic sealing rubber ring socket type connection, convenient installation and connection, high-efficient, connecting and sealing performance is good, to prevent the leakage of the underground water, effectively protect the power cable is safe to use.

8, long service life

CPVC power pipe materials, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, service life can be as long as 50 years.

Electric power pipe
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